Thursday, March 8, 2007

Traverse City State Hospital

"Traverse City State Hospital," by Chris Miller, is the most recently published book about the subject. It is published by Images of America and is a favorite because of its broad historical overview and up-to-date content in photo/caption layout.

Here's what the publisher says about it:

Northern Michigan Asylum, which opened in 1885, was known during most of its years as Traverse City State Hospital. It was run during its first decades by Dr. James Decker Munson, who left his legacy in the landscaped grounds and the medical center that today bears his name. Traverse City State Hospital served the mental health needs of a large part of Michigan for 104 years until its closure in 1989, housing a population as large as 3,000 in its many buildings.

This book traces the history of this great institution, from the local and mental health context in which it was founded, through its growth, development, and decline, and finally to its renovation and preservation as a vital part of the Traverse City community.

Gallery Fifty sells signed copies of "Traverse City State Hospital" for $19.99. Call for more information or to have a copy sent to you, 231-932-0775.

Did you know? Chris Miller was a founding member of the Committee to Preserve Building 50, a grass roots organization responsible for preventing the demolition of this important historical landmark.