Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Beauty out of chaos

While we are in awe of all the artists we represent, few compare to Rufus Snoddy. We are planning an exhibition and sale of his work in June 2007 (the show is in conjunction with a feature article in Traverse, Northern Michigan's Magazine that same month).

The artist came from the wide open fields and prairies of rural Texas to the congestion of Los Angeles at a young age giving root to an appreciation of dichotomy which is still apparent in his work. Rolling green hills peacefully reveal their nearly human forms under ominously darkening skies which sporadically appear laced within heavily textured surfaces.

"Texture is very important to me," Snoddy remarks on his work. "I can't seem to make my work lay down. It isn't in me to create things without texture."

The texture of his work in many ways reflects the texture of his history. He calls his works "construction paintings," because they are sculpted works that could most accurately be described as "hanging out" from a wall rather than simply hanging on it.

The still-unnamed show will be a retrospective of his 30-year career and an unveiling of his new work, including "Landscape Green" above. Check future blogs for more information or check out our virtual exhibition in June: