Thursday, March 8, 2007

Precious, fragile and unpredictable

Michigan studio jeweler Nina Mann derives great satisfaction and joy in creating objects of beauty. Nature’s forms and textures are her inspiration, as are universal elements found in ancient civilizations. She's impressed by the quiet beauty — precious, fragile, and unpredictable — that fills our lives.

Nina's work is also about the metal itself, particularly its malleability and form. She transforms the metal through several processes of fusing, rolling, reticulation and manipulating it until it is changed from raw material into an object that possesses its own gratification and magical presence. Her jewelry is extremely wearable — balanced, comfortable and beautifully presented.

At Gallery Fifty, we're honored to represent Nina. And we're especially proud to promote her as a local Traverse City artist. Please call or stop in to see our current collection of her jewelry.