Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Art Lasts, Life is Brief

New York artist Eduardo Milieris has always been fascinated by the integration of art and time. Originally from Uruguay, he studied photography, video art and sculpture before creating his unique line of watches under the "Watchcraft" name.

From a young age his mantra has been: "Ars Longa, Vita Brevis" (Art Lasts, Life is Brief). And you'll enjoy counting life's brief seconds with his artful designs.

Eduardo's collection with its antiqued brass, copper and silver bands, and the hand painted dials, creates the feeling of a wristwatch long lost, now found.

Each watch is weathered and oxidized, using carefully researched techniques. The metals are left unsealed so that they continue to age gracefully.

The pieces are unisex in design and we're able to add or remove links right here at the gallery. They come with a one year warranty and use a sturdy Citizen watch mechanism.

Gallery Fifty always has a nice selection. Call 231-932-0775 to see what we have in-stock.

Note: I've owned one of Eduardo's watches for over three years and I can honestly say it looks better with age and wear! It allows the wearer to become a participant in the evolution of the piece. Air, temperature, and the skin of the wearer all change the inherent molecular structure of the metals, resulting in a wristwatch that is most uniquely their own.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Get on 'board' with these popular gifts

Michigan wood craftsman Matt Joppich creates these one-of-a-kind cutting boards from his furniture making scrap. Constructed of local hardwoods, the sizes range from 7.5" x 5" up to 15" x 10". The small boards make excellent gifts for the barteder or boat owner. Prices are $18 - $55. Call Gallery Fifty for our current selection: 231-932-0775.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Scenery, light and seasons

I just returned from the studio of Lisa Wilkins Schulte and couldn't be more excited! She's been very prolific with her plein air pastel paintings and many feature local landscapes, such as the scenes from Old Mission Peninsula shown above.

Because she was born in Guyana, the rich, vivd hue of pastels appeal to her Caribbean sense of color and she loves the textures that she can create with them. Lisa is constantly inspired by the northern Michigan region and its spectacular scenery, light and changing seasons. Her influences include Michael Chesley Johnson, Wolf Kahn, Wassily Kandinsky and Marjorie Broodhagen.

We're getting a great range of new work in early July. Check back then for more information.