Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Unique color combinations and texture

Hudson Beach Glass was founded in 1987 by four glass artists: John and Wendy Gilvey, Michael Benzer and Jennifer Smith. They hand cast glass using ancient processes to make functional and sculptural objects at our main studio, located in a renovated ice house in the Hudson Valley of New York state. Hot glass poured into molds made from found objects and textured materials.

Hudson Beach Glass is renowned for its characteristic chill wrinkle texture and color palette of transparent precious stones. All of their work is available in 13 colors with a Beach or Jewel finish. Please call Gallery Fifty Downtown for our current selection: 231-946-0610.

Lively and useful centerpieces

California artist Marge Margulies' work is organic and flowing, often inspired by things such as topographical maps and flower arrangements. Elements of shape are combined, emphasizing fluid forms and rich and subtle color relationships. Each piece is wheel-thrown, then altered or squashed, and painted with colored glazes. They are lightweight as a result of her intention to throw in an even, well-balanced way.

After graduating from the Philadelphia College of Art in 1981 Marge worked for years as a professional studio potter in Philadelphia. In 2008 she moved to northern California where she creates these lively and useful centerpieces.

Any of these stacking sets would make an excellent wedding gift, and we love the 'Happy Couple' pictured at the bottom left as a fun shower gift! Check out our incredible selection of Marge's work at Gallery Fifty Downtown or call 231-946-0610 for more information.

Painted glassware with flair

When we purchased the former Belstone Gallery, the number one question we heard was: "Are you still going to carry the martini glasses?!" Well, we are thrilled to continue the tradition at Gallery Fifty Downtown.
Each martini or wine glass is hand drawn (ensuring that no two glasses are exactly alike), hand-painted with thermo-hardening (non-toxic) paint and finished with dimensional lines which further enhance the design. These dimensional lines are what sets Canadian artisan Triste September apart.

She is an accomplished artist, with many years of extensive experience in a variety of visual and artistic mediums. Her unusual approach to color and form along with her endless creativity keep the design selection fresh and inspired.

Glasses are $45 and can be purchased individually or in sets. Call Gallery Fifty for our latest selection: 231-946-0610.