Friday, March 9, 2007

Born with a silver spoon?

New Mexico studio metalsmith Kristin Lora has been designing and making jewelry and art objects for over 30 years. Inspired by bold shapes and forms, objects, color and movement, Kristin designs unique jewelry, small sculpture and objects to flatter and entertain.

We love her sterling silver baby spoons. Instead of doing the traditional engraved baby cup, consider a spoon with the baby's birthstone set in it. Kristin works on about a two week turnaround and the spoons cost approximately $195 depending on the the stone.

January - Garnet • February - Amethyst • March - Aquamarine • April - Diamond or White Topaz • May - Emerald • June - Pearl • July - Ruby • August - Peridot • September - Sapphire • October - Opal • November - Citrine • December - Topaz

Please contact us is you're interested in a special order. We also have a few in stock. 231-932-0775