Saturday, November 8, 2008

Fall 2008 Gallery Update

We've just completed our fall re-do of the gallery. As many of you know, we pride ourselves on the fact that our space always appears fresh. This is because we work on relatively short consignment terms with many of our artists, allowing us to bring in new work every 2-3 months. And being a stickler for merchandising and interior design, this almost always means that I'm reworking the entire gallery to create appealing "environments" for our customers.

For fine wall art, we're now featuring the work of Larry Fox, Linda Chamberlain, Ginnie Cappaert, Christine Towner, Julie Pearson, Christine Krzyszton, Jacob Sposito, Robert Fitzke, Amy LeJeune Harper, Sue Bullock, Anne Higgins, Nancy Crisp, Robert Graham, Cherie Haney and of course, our best-selling artist Renee Hartig.

I'm really excited about two new studio jewelry designers we're introducing. Jodi Rae Brownstein is from Chicago and works in brushed sterling silver and natural stone cabachons. Her jewelry is deceivingly simple and contemporary with universal shapes and designs. We're also showing her work in 18k gold with diamonds and cut semi-precious stones. Austin jewelry artist, Jaime Jo Fisher also works in sterling silver, but her designs are more organic and she uses found objects such as bits of beach glass or vintage buttons. You can see examples of their work under the "studio jewelry" category of this blog.

We're also getting a lot of holiday merchandise in! Actually, we're having a tough time figuring out how and where to display everything... As in years past, we feature "50 Gifts Under $50" and "100 Gifts Under $100." I'm really happy with some of the new gifts we've brought in, and we'll continue to show some of our old favorites and best sellers. If you haven't been in for some time, this is definitely the time to check us out! Don't forget that we also offer complimentary gift wrapping -- just ask.