Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Process, Decisions & Discoveries

Michigan printmaker Dorothy Anderson Grow recently agreed to have her work featured as part of our exhibition series in May 2007. I've long admired her work and even purchased one of her pieces from the "Getting the Bugs Out" show earlier this year.

Dorothy thinks of her art as a discovery and an adventure. Using the images that suggest her past, she assembles and layers ideas without a plan and often heads off in risky directions. "I love the physical activity of printmaking and the endless options the process provides. Each plate printed determines what will happen next, what the next layer will be," she says.

It is the process, the decisions, and the discoveries that keep her excited and involved. Dorothy's will be the inaugural show in our new space, and we're thrilled to be showing work like "Grandfather's Tools" above.

Look for future blogs with photos and a virtual exhibition of her work at