Saturday, March 17, 2007

Toys for boys

With its retro styling and nostalgic feeling of whimsy, Scott Nelles' Aero Car is a customer favorite.

For his toys, Scott uses a variety of materials including plastic, hard styling clays, metal or wood to create the original model. Once satisfied with the form, he makes a series of molds in either hard resin material or cast aluminum.

This permanent pattern, called a match plate, is then used to make multiple sand molds into which molten bronze is poured at 2250 degrees. Once cool, the rough casting is separated from the sand and cut, ground, sandblasted, tumbled and polished to a rich, patinated finish.

Scott has been fascinated with the industrial process since childhood, and the toys he now creates depict automobiles, ships, boats and airplanes. Gallery Fifty has a nice selection, guaranteed to thrill boys of all ages. See more of his work at