Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Hot glass: difficult yet beautiful

For Canadian artist Robert Held, glassblowing allows him to explore both painterly concerns and his fascination with surface decoration.

"Being physical with color and form is my love. After experimenting with many different media, I discovered glass and was instantly captivated," he says. "The clarity of the glass, the roar of the furnaces, the heat, and even the constant danger were all factors that influenced my choice of this difficult yet beautiful medium."

Robert's intimate relationship with the hot glass allows him to lay on color, layer upon layer, with the addition of textures with broken glass shards, threads of copper wire and other techniques.

He strives to create pieces that provide both a tactile and visual pleasure. And it is through this experience that he can share his passion for glass with the rest of us.

Gallery Fifty carries a great selection of Robert's paperweights and ornaments. All are priced around $40. Call for availability: 231-932-0775.