Friday, March 9, 2007

(Fun)ctional gifts of art

California metalsmith Lisa Slovis Mandel creates functional art that can be used, arranged and even played with. She designs and handcrafts each piece out of pewter, then finishes with her trademark textured surface.

"My work includes both jewelry and metal objects that allow me to thematically combine two important areas of my life, athletics and art," she says.

By incorporating movement and function in these pieces, the participant is enticed to interact with them on a more intimate and tactile level. The viewer can have fun with the pieces by touching, playing, and manipulating the arrangement of parts.

These salt and pepper shakers are among our best selling wedding gifts (set $175). Couples love how the two pieces create a single form. The rocking vases are also popular ($200 each). I never tire of watching them teeter back and forth!

We always have a great selection of shakers, vases and candlesticks in stock. I'll be adding Lisa's work to the website in the coming months, but in the meantime, contact the gallery with inquiries: 231-932-0775.