Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Unique color combinations and texture

Hudson Beach Glass was founded in 1987 by four glass artists: John and Wendy Gilvey, Michael Benzer and Jennifer Smith. They hand cast glass using ancient processes to make functional and sculptural objects at our main studio, located in a renovated ice house in the Hudson Valley of New York state. Hot glass poured into molds made from found objects and textured materials.

Hudson Beach Glass is renowned for its characteristic chill wrinkle texture and color palette of transparent precious stones. All of their work is available in 13 colors with a Beach or Jewel finish. Please call Gallery Fifty Downtown for our current selection: 231-946-0610.

Lively and useful centerpieces

California artist Marge Margulies' work is organic and flowing, often inspired by things such as topographical maps and flower arrangements. Elements of shape are combined, emphasizing fluid forms and rich and subtle color relationships. Each piece is wheel-thrown, then altered or squashed, and painted with colored glazes. They are lightweight as a result of her intention to throw in an even, well-balanced way.

After graduating from the Philadelphia College of Art in 1981 Marge worked for years as a professional studio potter in Philadelphia. In 2008 she moved to northern California where she creates these lively and useful centerpieces.

Any of these stacking sets would make an excellent wedding gift, and we love the 'Happy Couple' pictured at the bottom left as a fun shower gift! Check out our incredible selection of Marge's work at Gallery Fifty Downtown or call 231-946-0610 for more information.

Painted glassware with flair

When we purchased the former Belstone Gallery, the number one question we heard was: "Are you still going to carry the martini glasses?!" Well, we are thrilled to continue the tradition at Gallery Fifty Downtown.
Each martini or wine glass is hand drawn (ensuring that no two glasses are exactly alike), hand-painted with thermo-hardening (non-toxic) paint and finished with dimensional lines which further enhance the design. These dimensional lines are what sets Canadian artisan Triste September apart.

She is an accomplished artist, with many years of extensive experience in a variety of visual and artistic mediums. Her unusual approach to color and form along with her endless creativity keep the design selection fresh and inspired.

Glasses are $45 and can be purchased individually or in sets. Call Gallery Fifty for our latest selection: 231-946-0610.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Sand Cast Bronze Banks

King Kong Bank
A bronze King Kong fights back against the on-coming biplanes to save himself and the girl. The Empire State building is cast in aluminum and has a slot in the side to accept your change. Save up for a trip to New York to see where Kong met his demise.
H - 15”, W - 5”, 3 lbs.

Titanic Bank
With the Titanic as the corner stone of these unsinkable investments, it is made of solid bronze and can be easily opened with a turn of the screw.
H - 8", H - 6.5" , 6 lbs.

Rocket Banks
There is no better way to collect your change then in one of these unique coin banks.
H - 8", 2.5 lbs.
$70 each

For over three decades, Scott Nelles (NELL-ess) has been producing objects of beauty in cast bronze. From toys to candlesticks, his work displays a childlike playfulness, elegant design and superb control of his medium. In his foundry and studio located in northern Michigan, Nelles is inspired by nature and industry. He uses the timeless methods of sand-casting and hand-finishing to create objects of beauty, strength and whimsy.

The works represented here us the latest in a line of hundreds of objects Nelles has created over the years. The work has been exhibited worldwide and purchased by individual collectors as well as by the trade.

Please contact Gallery Fifty at 231-932-0774 for availability.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Lampwork Glass Wine Bottle Stoppers

Tennessee glass artist James Lang usess a glassblowing technique known as lampworking. The glass is known as borosilicate glass and is stronger than regular glass because it can be heated and cooled without cracking problems. This makes it perfect for use as a wine bottle stopper.

End of Day Wine Stopper
Made with lots of tiny pieces of cane and murrine providing a detailed display of color and designs. 5-6" tall with chrome stopper. $35

Heart Murrine Wine Stopper

Little glass murrine hearts go in to these unique wine stoppers. 5-6" tall with chrome stopper. $35

Freshwater Fish Barware

Oregon glass artist Otter Rotolante combines ten years of flameworking experience with offhand techniques to bring a wide array of functionality and designs in his artwork.

"In other mediums of art it's always about the end result, the finished product. In the blown glass medium, however, the process of creating the finished piece is its own form of art. Much like a well- choreographed dance, it's almost like 'behind the scenes' performance art. The end result is a tangible work of glass art, its minute details of form and shape revealing to the studied eye a quick peek behind the curtain for a glimpse of its creation. This makes blown glass as an art medium tense and dramatic, with the contrasting results of (hopefully) graceful and fluid forms. The resulting combination of skills, knowledge, and practice needed to pull it off makes blown glass a very exciting medium for me."

The glassware is made from sturdy borosilicate. All color in the pieces are authentic colored glass — no paints or enamels are used. Each piece is torchworked entirely by the artist. Otter usually creates ocean scenes, but because Gallery Fifty is located on Lake Michigan, Otter has created a line of freshwater fish for us!

Freshwater Goblets
Approximately 6-8" and fumed with silver. $65

Freshwater Cups
Approximately 3" and great for whiskey glasses. $30

Large Cups
Approximately 4" and can be used for most any mixed drink (not shown). $48

Freshwater Shot Glasses
Approximately 3" and made with thicker, borosilicate glass. $18

Call Gallery Fifty at 231-932-0775 to order.

Bubble Bracelet with Toggle Clasp

Circles of bubbly circles! Sterling silver and 18k gold bracelet with freshwater pearls and faceted gem stones. Integrated toggle clasp. $410

Call Gallery Fifty at 231-932-0775 to purchase.

Mod Rocker Ring

Playful, kinetic sterling silver ring with semi-precious peridot stone. The stone setting freely slides back and forth along a rail. Size 6.75 only. $125

Call Gallery Fifty at 231-932-0775 to purchase.

Round Abacus Pendants

Simple and lightweight sterling silver pendant with freely moving 14k gold beads and fresh water pearls on a 16” slim snake chain. Available with white or grey pearl. $68

Call Gallery Fifty at 231-932-0775 to purchase.

Round Abacus Earrings

Simple and lightweight sterling silver 1/2” round stud earring with freely moving 14k gold beads and fresh water pearls. Great for everyday wear! Available with white or grey pearls. $68

Call Gallery Fifty at 231-932-0775 to purchase.

All-Round Abacus Necklace

Dynamic and feminine sterling silver necklace with freely moving 14k gold beads and fresh water pearls. Adjustable length from 16-18 inches with handmade hook clasp. $625

Call Gallery Fifty at 231-932-0775 to purchase.

Trio Bubble Pendant

Trio Bubble Pendant
Descending circles in brushed 18k gold, polished sterling silver and faceted hessonite garnet with freely moving pearl. 16" sterling silver mini omega and lobster claw clasp. $225

Call Gallery Fifty at 231-932-0775 to purchase.

Crane Jewelry

The elegant courting dance of the crane has made this graceful bird a symbol of love and romance.

Crane Necklace
Pendant is 1 1/2 inch tall. Available in lengths of 16, 18 and 20 inches. $260

Crane Earrings
Earrings hang 1 inch and accented with kynite briolettes. $190

Crane Ring
Painting is 1 inch tall with sterling silver back and band. Available in sizes 4-11. With 22k gold bezel and dots. $310

Call Gallery Fifty at 231-932-0775 to purchase.

Persimmon Jewelry

According to ancient Chinese culture, the persimmon is considered a ''Blessing Plant'', and represents joy to its receiver.

Round Persimmon Earrings
With 22k gold circles and hang 1 1/4 inch. $220

Simple Round Persimmon Necklace
Painting is 7/8 inch in diameter, and is presented on delicate beaded chain. With 22k gold bezel. $280

Call Gallery Fifty at 231-932-0775 to purchase.

Dragonfly Jewelry

With its delicate and graceful wings reflecting and refracting light, the Dragonfly represents new light and joyfulness.

Dragonflies and Violets Necklace
Painting is 2 inches long and accented with tanzanite briolette. Available in lengths of 16, 18 and 20 inches. $240

Dragonflies and Violets Earrings
Hang 1 inch and accented with tanzanite briolettes. $190

Call Gallery Fifty at 231-932-0775 to purchase.

Koi Fish Jewelry

Koi Fish
According to a Chinese legend, a Koi was once turned into a dragon after fearlessly climbing a treacherous waterfall, making them symbolic of courage and strength.

Koi Fish Necklace
Accented with 22k gold dots and tourmaline briolette. Pendant is 1 1/4 inch tall. Available in lengths of 16, 18 and 20 inches. $240

Koi Fish Bracelet
Bracelet is accented with 22k gold dots, citrine and iolite. 7 inches long. $275

Koi Fish Ring
Ring is accented with 22k gold dots. Available in sizes 4-11. $185

Round Koi Fish Earrings
Hang 1 1/4 inch, and accented with 22k gold circles. $220

Call Gallery Fifty at 231-932-0775 to purchase.

Willow Jewelry

Bending tenderly with the wind, the willow is symbolic of feminine energy and loving kindness.
Willow Moon Ring
Painting is 1/2 inch tall and available in sizes 4-11. With 22k bezel and dots. $260

Call Gallery Fifty at 231-932-0775 to purchase.

Plum Blossom Jewelry

Plum Blossom
The fragrant blooms and tender green shoots of the plum emerging even before the winter snows have melted represent rebirth and renewal.

Tiny Plum Blossom Stud Earrings

Paintings are 1/4 inch wide. Made with sterling silver. $150

Call Gallery Fifty at 231-932-0775 to purchase.

Lotus Jewelry

Sprouting from the murky mud at the bottom of the pond, the lotus rises above the water to create its exquisite bloom. This makes it a symbol of purity and enlightenment in many eastern philosophies.

Lotus Necklace
Painting is 1 inch x 1/4 inch on delicate beaded chain with pink tourmaline briolette. Available in lengths of 16, 18 and 20 inches. $185

Lotus Cuff Bracelet
Painting is 1 inch x 1/4 inch. Hooks with tension closure. $195

Teardrop Lotus with Pink Tourmaline Necklace
Painting is 3/4 inch tall. Chain has sterling silver dots, accented with 3 pink tourmaline briolettes. Available in lengths of 16, 18 and 20 inches. $230

Teardrop Lotus with Pink Tourmaline Earrings
1 inch long, accented with pink tourmaline briolettes. $220

Call Gallery Fifty at 231-932-0775 to purchase.

Blue Bird Jewelry

This little bird is a universal symbol of happiness and the coming of spring.

Spring Bluebirds Necklace
Necklace pendant is 1 1/2 inch tall on a triple chain with sterling silver beads. Available in lengths of 16, 18 and 20 inches. $270

Spring Bluebird Earrings
Earrings are 3/4 inch long with 3 aquamarine drops on each. $205

Call Gallery Fifty at 231-932-0775 to purchase.

Ananda Khalsa Jewelry

Ananda draws inspiration from Asian art, natural forms, and the cool sleekness of metal. Each of her pieces contains an original painting on paper, which is set behind hand ground glass in fine and sterling silver. Much of her work is accented with the highest quality semiprecious stones and/or high karat gold.

Another important influence in Ananda's work is the powerful symbolism behind each of the subjects she chooses to paint.

Bubble Earrings

Cascading circles in polished sterling silver and brushed 18k gold with freshwater pearls. Post earrings. $110

Bubble Drop Pendant

A cluster of circles in sterling silver, 18k gold, freely spinning pearls and colorful stones playfully swing from a curvy drop. 16" sterling mini omega with lobster claw clasp. $225

Effervescence Ring

This fun ring was inspired by bubbly champagne. Made with a subtle and rich combination of brushed 18k gold, polished sterling silver and facetted topaz. Also available with facetted peridot or without a stone. Size 7.0 only. $125

Bubble Bracelet with Magnetic Clasp

Sterling silver and 18k gold bracelet with freely moving freshwater pearls and faceted hessonite garnet gemstones. Handmade magnetic clasp. $560

Danielle Miller Jewelry

South Carolina jewelry designer Danielle Miller's consists of jewelry with kinetic elements designed to attract and engage the attention of the wearer. These articulated parts rely on the action of the wearer for motion. This action can be a simple turn of the body or a deliberate manipulation of the movable parts. This kinetic aspect of her work creates an intimate and unique relationship between jewelry and wearer. Danielle's jewelry, by definition, is not only an object of personal adornment but also an object of personal interaction and recreation.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Island Cowgirl Earrings

Baby Cross
Hand hewn baby cross earrings with twirling vines and a puffy heart on a sterling silver post. 5/8". $28

Baby Heart
Organically formed baby hearts sway from French ear wires making a romantic statement. 1/2". $44

Baby Peace
Baby peace signs hang from french ear wires. $32

Big Heart
A hand carved big heart hangs from sterling ear wires while a tiny sculpted heart decorates the back. $48

Two playful butterflies dangle from french ear wires. $32

Hearts & Keys
Organically formed keys with tiny hearts sway from silver ear wires. $28

Two small lotus flowers represent rebirth and regrowth. 1/2". $32

To remind us to believe in peace, our peace earrings are adorned with tiny hearts on both sides. ¾”. $36

Seek Peace
Tiny charms sway from delicate french wires. A dove representing peace flys on one side while a bursting heart adorns the other. 1.5". $32

Call Gallery Fifty at 231-932-0775 to purchase.

Island Cowgirl Bracelets

Big Heart
A big heavy heart is tied with chocolate leather cord with tiny etchings encircling the heart. Closed with Heather's trademark toggle. 7.5" $96

Courageous Heart
A silver puffy heart dangles romantically from this chocolate leather harness strap and represents love. 7.5". $88

Dream with Faith
Heather's popular free-spirited cross is strung on black leather. Written on the back are the words "dream with faith." A sterling clasp closed around a circle link is adorned with baby hearts. 7.5". $88

Heart Felt
This bold bracelet features a collection of the artist's hand hewn beads etched with sculpted hearts and the word“love”. 7.5". $150

Peace Sign
A hand hewn peace symbol is sculpted with a tiny heart and strung on chocolate brown leather. 7.5". $88

Call Gallery Fifty at 231-932-0775 to purchase.