Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Sculptural and wearable

Nebraska studio jeweler Sydney Lynch is interested in tribal and ancient jewelry that illustrates the human need to arrange found objects in new and meaningful relationships. Her design vocabulary derives from a wide range of sources: the natural forms of rocks and seashells that she's collected since childhood, the lines and contours of landscapes where she's lived and traveled, the rich surfaces and intriguing shapes she find in weathered areas of the city.

"Working with the materials is the most exciting part of the process for me. Simply put, I like making things," she says.

Her production work focuses on oxidized sterling combined with 18k and 22k gold. To Sydney, it's important that her work be both sculptural and wearable. Many of her designs are abstract, leaving the wearer open to create a personal, intuitive relationship with the piece.

We will be posting photos of our large selection of Sydney's work on our website in the coming months. In the meantime, call 231-932-0775 for more information.