Thursday, October 25, 2007

Tiles for the nature enthusiast

Ceramic artist Leif Spörck creates these incredible stonewear tiles with themes dear to any northern Michigan resident. Nature, botanicals, fish and wildlife — each with his unique design and glaze color.

Leif's tiles are approximately 5" x 5" and have a hole on the back for hanging. They are for indoor/ outdoor use. Gallery Fifty always has a great selection of his work. They make great "guy gifts" and are popular with collectors.

Spörck Tileart was founded by Leif Spörck. Being the son of accomplished ceramic artists, Leif has had his hands in clay since he was 2 years old. After receiving his pre-law degree from Hope College in Holland, Michigan, Leif decided to pursue his desire to design and produce a line of artistic ceramic tiles that would reflect his love of the natural environment. He decided to design a line of tiles that represent his perceptions of the colorful wildlife, the blue waters, the verdant farms and the various and beautiful locations that surround him.