Saturday, October 20, 2007

Light the dark corners of your world

Washington state artist Beth Spadafora creates these contemporary and colorful glass nightlights. Many layers of colored glass are cut and assembled, then fused together in a hot kiln resulting in these playfully elegant nightlights that cast an ethereal glow. Light the dark corners of your world with these hip nightlights!

The look she tries to evoke is casual and somewhat organic, a little bit crazy and just plain fun. "I believe in spontaneity both in art and in life," she says. "Although the glass does take a number of steps in the fabrication, the design work is usually quite spontaneous."

All work is made with special glass formulated especially for kiln firing. The process involves cutting, shattering and rearranging layers of colored glass and then firing it in a kiln to melt it all together. This new piece is then cut into the shapes required for nightlights and fired again into final form. The resulting glass is wildly colorful with an intense depth. Abstract images appear to those who take the time to observe.

Each one is approximately 4" x 2.25" and individually packaged in a clear oval box for $35. Gallery Fifty has a great selection. Call 231-932-0775 for more information.