Friday, October 12, 2007

Original paintings as personal adornment

Ananda Khalsa draws inspiration from Asian art, natural forms, and the cool sleekness of metal. Each of her pieces contains an original painting on paper, which is set behind hand ground glass in fine and sterling silver. Much of her work is accented with the highest quality semiprecious stones and/or high karat gold.

Another important influence in Ananda's work is the powerful symbolism behind each of the subjects she chooses to paint. At Gallery Fifty, we're representing her jewelry with the following images...

Bluebird: This little bird is a universal symbol of happiness and the coming of spring.

Crane: The elegant courting dance of the crane has made this graceful bird a symbol of love and romance.

Dragonfly: With its delicate and graceful wings reflecting and refracting light, the Dragonfly represents new light and joyfulness.

Koi Fish: According to a Chinese legend, a Koi was once turned into a dragon after fearlessly climbing a treacherous waterfall, making them symbolic of courage and strength.

Lotus: Sprouting from the murky mud at the bottom of the pond, the lotus rises above the water to create it’s exquisite bloom. This makes it a symbol of purity and enlightenment in many eastern philosophies.

I've admired Ananda's work since before we opened the gallery nearly three years ago. We've been testing the waters with our inventory of "art jewelry" and finally feel ready to take the plunge by bringing her unique pieces in. Our shipment is expected by Thanksgiving 2007. You can preview the selection on our web site: