Friday, July 10, 2009

Freshwater Fish Barware

Oregon glass artist Otter Rotolante combines ten years of flameworking experience with offhand techniques to bring a wide array of functionality and designs in his artwork.

"In other mediums of art it's always about the end result, the finished product. In the blown glass medium, however, the process of creating the finished piece is its own form of art. Much like a well- choreographed dance, it's almost like 'behind the scenes' performance art. The end result is a tangible work of glass art, its minute details of form and shape revealing to the studied eye a quick peek behind the curtain for a glimpse of its creation. This makes blown glass as an art medium tense and dramatic, with the contrasting results of (hopefully) graceful and fluid forms. The resulting combination of skills, knowledge, and practice needed to pull it off makes blown glass a very exciting medium for me."

The glassware is made from sturdy borosilicate. All color in the pieces are authentic colored glass — no paints or enamels are used. Each piece is torchworked entirely by the artist. Otter usually creates ocean scenes, but because Gallery Fifty is located on Lake Michigan, Otter has created a line of freshwater fish for us!

Freshwater Goblets
Approximately 6-8" and fumed with silver. $65

Freshwater Cups
Approximately 3" and great for whiskey glasses. $30

Large Cups
Approximately 4" and can be used for most any mixed drink (not shown). $48

Freshwater Shot Glasses
Approximately 3" and made with thicker, borosilicate glass. $18

Call Gallery Fifty at 231-932-0775 to order.