Monday, July 6, 2009

Island Cowgirl Pendants

Grow Wise
A large playful flower hangs from a leather cord. The message "grow wise" is etched onto the back. 18". $88

Happy Heart

A hand hewn “happy” heart is strung on knotted chocolate leather. Heather's signature button closure is encircled with tiny hearts. 18” *Also available in black leather. $76

Live True
A free spirited bird soars from a leather cord. The words "live true" are etched onto the back. 16-18" adjustable. $76

Om is the universal sound of peace and a favorite of yoga students The Om symbol is etched onto the front and the word "om" is carved onto the back. 18" unisex. $76

Peace Sign
A hand hewn peace sign is sculpted with a tiny heart and strung on chocolate brown leather. Toggle closure. 18". $76

Key to My Heart
A hand hewn key is sculpted in the shape of a heart and strung on chocolate brown leather. Toggle closure. 16". $76

Awaken the Dream Within
A lotus flower representing growth out of struggle is carved onto the front. Written on the back is the massage "awaken the dream within"... 16". $76.

Dream with Faith
By popular demand Heather has strung her best-selling cross pendant knotted on chocolate brown leather. Inscribed onto the back is the sentiment “dream with faith”. Closed with our signature toggle. 18”. $76

Call Gallery Fifty at 231-932-0775 to purchase.