Monday, October 12, 2009

Sand Cast Bronze Banks

King Kong Bank
A bronze King Kong fights back against the on-coming biplanes to save himself and the girl. The Empire State building is cast in aluminum and has a slot in the side to accept your change. Save up for a trip to New York to see where Kong met his demise.
H - 15”, W - 5”, 3 lbs.

Titanic Bank
With the Titanic as the corner stone of these unsinkable investments, it is made of solid bronze and can be easily opened with a turn of the screw.
H - 8", H - 6.5" , 6 lbs.

Rocket Banks
There is no better way to collect your change then in one of these unique coin banks.
H - 8", 2.5 lbs.
$70 each

For over three decades, Scott Nelles (NELL-ess) has been producing objects of beauty in cast bronze. From toys to candlesticks, his work displays a childlike playfulness, elegant design and superb control of his medium. In his foundry and studio located in northern Michigan, Nelles is inspired by nature and industry. He uses the timeless methods of sand-casting and hand-finishing to create objects of beauty, strength and whimsy.

The works represented here us the latest in a line of hundreds of objects Nelles has created over the years. The work has been exhibited worldwide and purchased by individual collectors as well as by the trade.

Please contact Gallery Fifty at 231-932-0774 for availability.