Friday, September 21, 2007

'Flower Series' blooming at Gallery Fifty

Canadian glass artist Robert Held says, "Being physical with color and form is my love. After experimenting with many different media, I discovered glass and was instantly captivated. The clarity of the glass, the roar of the furnaces, the heat, and even the constant danger were all factors that influenced my choice of this difficult yet beautiful medium."

"Glassblowing allows me to explore both painterly concerns and my fascination with surface decoration, while continuing to challenge the other physical and creative skills required to take the vessel shape in ever new directions."

"My intimate relationship (talking to) the hot glass, the laying on of colors, layer upon layer, the addition of textures through broken glass shards, threads of molten glass and other techniques, is an incomparable experience. This fickle, molten mass will allow itself to be coaxed only by those who know its language."

I just made our winter order and am excited to introduce the 'flower series' to our customers. The tall vases (top right) are 11" and run $300. We love the smaller forms (stacked on left) — they're 6.5" to 7.5" and roughly $250. We expect delivery in mid-October and will post our selection on the web site: