Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Raw • Uncut • Unpolished

Colorado studio jeweler Todd Reed has made his name working with raw diamond cubes and other natural diamond shapes. "It started as a way to question society about the idea of perceived value. In particular how it relates to our ideas of beauty or perfection," he says.

There are certain ad campaigns including, "She'll like you at a half carat, but she'll love you at a carat" that prompted Todd to make this line of jewelry. His uses the most perfect diamond in the world, the actual raw diamond. Uncut. Unpolished. Natural, with perfect geometry.

Todd is a self-taught goldsmith who enjoys the hard work that goes into each piece. He has won many international awards, and is frequently included in books, trade publications, and consumer magazines. His work can be seen at the finest shows and exhibitions in the world, and Gallery Fifty is proud to present his jewelry.

I especially love the pieces that mix raw and cut diamonds — the juxtoposition and contrast is especially effective.

We have a few examples of Todd's work in stock, but expect more of his jewelry in the coming months. For more information or images check out; or contact us at 231-932-0775.