Wednesday, April 4, 2007

From paper to pen

New York artist Michael Harrington creates these one-of-a-kind pens from — believe it or not — paper. He adopted his technique from an old holiday tradition. Paper beads made from winding a triangular piece of paper (like the beads children often use to string holiday garlands) are the centerpieces of his pens.

The beads' designs make the pen barrels appear to be fabricated from marble or plastic. To get this effect, Michael either dyes the paper, applies layers of resin, or works with the pattern of the paper.

Gallery Fifty does well with the pens that are saturated with resin. Michael coats the paper with resin, allowing it to seep into the bead and then he sands it. Then a second and third coating/ sanding cycle. "My pens are very labor intensive," he says.

And it shows. Because his pens are all unique, you'll need to contact us directly for a description of what's available. We can send an email photo with current stock and pricing. Call 231-932-0775 for more information.