Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Painted Paper Collage by Daniel Heron

"Dwellings," 48" x 32" Painted Paper Collage, $1,600

"Checkered Animal," 31" x 34" Painted Paper Collage, $1,050

"Faithful Wounds," 9.5" x 12.5" Painted Paper Collage, $200

"The Visitation," 9.5" x 12.5" Painted Paper Collage, $200

"Tulum," 20.5" x 30.5" Painted Paper Collage, $600

"RedRabbit," 24" x 36" Painted Paper Collage, $900

"Saddle Blanket," 20.5" x 31.5" Painted Paper Collage, $640

"Smoke Dancing," 24.5" x 42.5" Painted Paper Collage, $1,000

Coming November/ December 2012
The Proverbial Art Show: Painted Paper Collage by Daniel Heron
Meet the Artist Reception: Saturday, November 10th from 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.

Daniel Heron was born in Detroit in 1948 to Millard and Estelle. His father was a Baptist minister, who along with his mother, gave him a strong foundation for life. His mom fostered his early interest in art by providing him with painting and drawing lessons.

The artist's work is inspired by early native American arts in all of its forms —- the colorful geometrics of the Great Plains tribes' bead work, the Navajo' weavings, the Mimbres' pottery, the designs and motifs painted on teepees -- horses, weapons, faces; and the mysterious rock paintings found all over the American West. He draws from these earthy primitive colors, textures, designs and stylized figures and combines these elements to create new abstract forms. He has also been influenced by the abstract expressionists.

Heron began marketing his paintings in 1997 when Billy Hoxie, then owner of Watermelon Sugar Gallery in Traverse City, Michigan, first accepted his work. About a year later, the artist met Joe DeLuca. Joe is well-known throughout the Midwest for his abstract paintings and is a retired art professor from Western Michigan University. His advice and mentoring have greatly shaped Heron's work.

See the above eight paintings at Gallery Fifty now or call for more information: 231-932-0775.