Thursday, April 22, 2010

Art Walk: Amy Kerr Hardin

"Franklinia," 48" x 60", $2,000

Gallery Fifty Downtown is thrilled to be featuring Amy Kerr Hardin's beautiful floral oil paintings during the DTCA Art Walk on Friday, May 7th. For nearly four decades, Amy has been addicted to the art of oil painting. Her habit started at the age of twelve when she saved her allowance money to purchase a paint-by-numbers kit from the local dime store, and she proceeded to completely ignore the printed outline and simply flipped over the cardboard, to design her own painting.

Amy soon discovered a local parochial high school that had a top-notch art department. Although, she is not herself Catholic, she begged and pleaded to be allowed to attend this special school. Under the guidance of some very talented teachers, her painting skills blossomed and matured. She learned how to stretch canvas, paint with palette knives, work on enormous murals, and hunt down original subject matter.

Her paintings articulate a depth of field through strong foregrounds that create a dynamic tension and a sense of space rarely found in typical photorealism. Amy’s floral paintings seem to be alive with the wind, and her beach rock studies give the impression that one can actually reach out and feel the cold wet smoothness of her subject.

"Anemonie," 48" x 60", $2,000

"Fish Pond I," 24" x 48", $1,200

"Beach Stones II," 24" x 36", $1,000