Saturday, March 8, 2008

"Hearts & Flowers" Exhibition

"Hearts & Flowers:
An Exploration of Love"
February 9 -April 30, 2008

Gallery Fifty is currently featuring an all-media exhibition and sale featuring the work of our favorite artists and craftspeople. The show ended up being 2-3 times larger than expected with 80 pieces submitted by thirty artists. Cash prizes were awarded for first, second and third place and nine honorable mentions were awarded:

First Place - David Petrakovitz, "Love Totem"
Second Place - Melonie Steffes, "The Lovers of Verdona"
Third Place - Rod Bearup, "Passion Flower Blossom"

Honorable Mentions:
Debbie Sparks, "Hide and Seek"
Anna Hildebrand, "Lady in Lace"
Julie Pearson, "Live What You Believe... Make Your Whole World Your Art"
Nancy Crisp, "Sudokad"
Rufus Snoddy, "From the Garden of Wisdom"
Carol C. Spaulding, "Splash"
Flora Ricca Hoffman, "RAH"
Timothy G. Lewis, "Valentine Cat & Bird"
Joe DeLuca, "Bleeding Hearts After Dark"

We've already sold twelve pieces, but you can view the available work on-line at