Thursday, August 9, 2007

The odd, the old and the beautiful

The power of opposites is the basis of Michigan artist Julie Pearson's work. Finding the balance between order and disorder, old and new, simple and ornate, delicate and rustic is the never-ending challenge that continues to beckon her.

Two passions dominate the artist's creativity: the need to experiment with creative processes and the love of collecting the odd, the old and the beautiful. She has found the format of assemblage to be the most satisfying method of combining these elements into something through which she can express herself.

To begin, Julie allows emotion, imagination or curiosity to inspire... the intuitive process then takes on a life of its own. This particular experience is the very reason the she sees herself creating in this way for the rest of her life.

See more of her work on Gallery Fifty's web site:

Note: After nearly a year of coveting 'My Understanding,' I'm finally treating myself to this incredible piece (above). The text reads, "in the space between birth and death, all that really matters is love..."