Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Add Fung Shui to any environment

Piercing through stainless steel with a plasma cutter nearly as fast as she can draw on paper, Michigan artist Cherie Haney invents her designs from her home studio in Ann Arbor. She received her BFA from Eastern Michigan University and then studied under a local master-potter for five years.

Once her designs are finalized, the shapes are retraced into a computer to be cut by a high-pressure stream of water, leaving a smooth burless surface and a clean, concise cut. After being cut, each piece is individually finished using a hand-held grinder with various discs to produce unique surfaces.

Cherie's pieces are meant to be hung around the home and garden, adding unique touches of warmth and contrast. Whether hanging on the porch or on the wall, her stainless steel designs can be used to add Fung Shui flow to any environment. When asked, she says that she prefers to see her designs as ethereal, spiritual symbols that take the form of floating metal decorations.

We love her work because of the dimension and the way light plays on her surfaces. With the move toward stainless steel in kitchen appliances, it's an affordable fit for most any home. 12" x 12" wall pieces are $125; 12" x 24" are $175; 24" x 24" are $325. Call Gallery Fifty for our current selection: 231-932-0775.