Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Jennifer Trask Trunk Show

I was so thrilled to show the work of Jennifer Trask during the "Getting the Bugs Out" show. In February, she travelled from Ulster Park, New York to our northern Michigan winter wonderland greeted by both collectors and admirers. Gallery Fifty has represented Jennifer since our opening in November 2004, but this was our first trunk show for her and it worked beautifully with our "insects in art" theme.

Perhaps the most astonishing of her collection are her brooches made with Japanese beetle shells. At first glance the shells look like cabochons, highly polished and unfaceted. Trask transforms an otherwise detested, wily insect into something to be admired by the simplicity of its sheer beauty.

Jennifer makes one-of-a-kind jewelry objects and sculpture that exploit the inherent beauty of natural materials. Her work results from a passion for discovery, study and contemplation of the material world. The objects are not only a collection of textures and colors, but also a personal taxonomy of visual or conceptual relationships.

Check out www.jennifertrask.com for more information and images of her work.